VW Wins Temporary Injunction Against Qoros to Change ‘GQ3’ Model Name image

VW managed to get a temporary injunction against Chinese automaker Qoros, according to which the group is not allowed to use the letter ‘Q’ for its ‘GQ3’ model.

Therefore, Qoros model formerly known as GQ3 will debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show with the name of ‘Qoros 3 Sedan’, besides other two models, the Qoros 3 Estate Concept and the Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept. The civil court for trademark issues in Hamburg was the one to impose the injunction on Qoros for using the ‘Q’ for its sedan name.

In China, the Qoros 3 Sedan will be unveiled in April at the Shanghai Auto Show, and it will reach showrooms in the country later this year and in Europe sometime in 2014. The model will come with two engine options, a 1.6 turbo with 156hp and 220nm and a 1.6 with 126hp and 155nm, both with a six-speed manual or a 6-speed DCT. As a later option, the company is also developing a three-cylinder 1.2 turbo with 130hp.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Qoros will unveil he Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid, in concept form, which features a compact hatchback body and it’s coming with a hybrid powertrain, made out of a 3-cylinder 1.2 liter turbo gasoline engine and an electric motor, installed on the rear axle.