As cars now become increasingly technology dependent and the onset of connected data is upon us, the question of digital privacy surrounding our car and what we do with them is increasingly important.

Speaking on the matter, Martin Winterkorn, Volkswagen’s CEO, has issued a call for automakers, politicians and computer and legal specialists to unite and devise a way to safeguard driver information privacy and security.

“Our cars are already mobile computer centers, with 1.5 km of cables, more than 50 control units and the computing power of 20 highly advanced PCs,” Winterkorn said in Hanover, on the sideline of the CeBIT information technology trade fair. “Now we face the considerable challenge of making mobility even more intelligent and more networked together with the IT industry.”

He called for swift measures to ensure that future automated – or “driverless” – cars could be marketed with a framework of infrastructure and legislation already established – avoiding costly delays due to safety and legal aspects.

”The automobile industry, the IT industry, business, scientists and politicians therefore need to join forces,” Winterkorn told the audience, which included Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Stephan Weil, minister-president of the state of Lower Saxony, a shareholder in Volkswagen, and industry leaders.

He also addressed the aspects of government surveillance – which could prove a big deterrent to customers who would opt for such a car and security concerns coming from hackers – who could issue a new terrorist threat.

Volkswagen presented the “James 2025” – a study that envisions the future car cockpit – with dual mode control for driver or automated input.

Via Forbes


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