VW’s digital cabin has arrived with 3D instrument cluster image

The German automaker has decided to showcase at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show its own take on the future of automotive interiors, with a tech-oriented personalization style.

The company thinks in the future its vehicles will know who the people entering the cabin are and thus adapt to suit’s each and everyone’s personal preferences. In VW’s view, the automotive cockpit of the future will be filled with 3D screens – and eye tracking would even tell the computer where the person looks and move the data in front of their eyes. The most relevant information would sit closer to the driver, while other, less important data would be placed farther away.


VW even staged a live demonstration at CES, with people sitting a simulated connected car cockpit. VW believes this could be an extension of the Digital Key that allows people use a smartphone to get into the vehicle – with the desire to enhance the current system to better suit preferences. VW also proposed a personal assistant with support from the Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Apparently, the technology showcased here would reach the production version of the ID Concept that should become mainstream around 2020.