VW’s Wolfsburg main assembly facility searched for unexploded WWII bombs image

Update: It turns out the crews were right to fear some ordinance may have remained there. The authorities defused a 551-pound (250-kilogram) unexploded bomb from World War II at the headquarters. The experts swiftly disposed of it but the Police still evacuated a nearby neighborhood of 690 people. The last suspected site contained the bomb – a standard American one of the WWII era – just 18-feet (5.5-meters) underground. 

This is because a recent discovery at the main headquarters in Wolfsburg showed the factory isn’t actually that clear of WWII-era unexploded bombs. Fortunately the discovery was made when few people were on site – construction crews found pieces of metal at four sites there, which appear to belong to unexploded bombs dating back to World War II. Local and main news outlets have reported since undetonated ordinance was suspected to still be present, bomb disposal experts have been dispatched – they appear to have already cleared three of the four locations.

If the team would find any unexploded weapons, they would first evacuate a nearby neighborhood of about 700 people. Luckily the plant itself is scarcely populated these weeks because of the usual three-week summer shutdown. The assembly facility is as old as the World War II when it was used as a production location for military vehicles and aircraft parts. Naturally that turned it into a target for the Allied bombings – and according to reports there were unexpected bombs found before at the factory. Now, the huge location serves as the VW group’s headquarters, with the company producing many of the best known VW cars – such as the Golf or Tiguan.

Via ReutersWolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung