Vygor Opera – New Italian sports bucket, sorry, car revealed image

Remember Vygor? The Italian sports car teased a few weeks ago which was supposed to be the new Pagani of the automotive industry has been finally revealed and honestly we liked it way better when only the front lights were showed on the dark background.

The new small Italian automaker was using words like “work of art” or “thrill of sudden pleasure” when it was describing its sports car and those words are still being used even after Vygor has showed us its bucket. Sorry, car.

“Opera is a pioneer of a new philosophy of cars that offers the comfort of a SUV and the pleasure of driving a GT, its shape is a perfect mix of harmony, elegance and sportsmanship: according to the best Italian tradition. […] Two equal Opera will not exist, as two equal people do not exist. The best of all motoring area together, to offer a prestigious product, strictly made in Italy, built according to the demands of the owner”, as Vygor says on its official site.

According to the Italian bucketmaker, sorry, we meant automaker, the Opera has been made using a tubular frame made out of high-strength steel and its offering permanent all-wheel drive and rims from 18 to 22 inch. That’s what is supposed to attract new customers into the brand.

Remember the Tata Motors Nano? That would be a serious competitor to the Opera, if Vygor was selling it twice as cheap as the Indian vehicle. The Vygor Opera will definitely be an exclusive ride because no one would buy it and even if someone will wake up one morning and say: “I want a new bucket, sorry car, and Vygor seems very appealing”, he still wouldn’t buy one because he would have to explain constantly to his friends what a Vygor Opera is and why is it Italian.

It seems that 42 people already like this. Be the first of your friends. Yes, 42 people like Vygor on Facebook but out of those 42 people one is the owner, one the designer, one the engineer and the other 39 are their sisters and brothers because they obviously have no friends. Just see how creative they are.

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