Wald Offers Luxury and Style through Its 2011 Lexus LX570 Black Bison Edition image

A renowned tuner, Wald International is now set to tune the Lexus LX570 after building body kits as well as upgrading all types of luxury automakers offerings since many years.

Wald is offering a 2011 Lexus LX570 Black Bison edition which is the brother of the legendary LandCruiser model from Toyota. However, this SUV has got much more elegant look from interior as well as exterior. This model is been created to compete in the big leagues where the Mercedes G550 and Range Rover stand. Though not much features this vehicle hold, but successfully covered the luxurious touch and has got an extremely versatile feature that makes it run on any road condition similar to the G550.

To add more style, Wald has offered the LX570 its Black Bison makeover. Two different lines of customization will adopt by a number of its models, but the Black Bison has got the most special and of course extreme treatment. A wide body kit with effectively styled elements will be the major feature of LX570. The kit includes a new front fascia with larger air intake, daytime LED running lights, rear fenders with air intakes similar to the other Black Bison Body kits, and similar rear diffuser just like the other kits.

The vehicle has also received a completely reshaped rear bumper and new quad exhaust cutouts, influenced by the Lexus IS F. However, Lexus will indeed never make an ‘F’ version of this vehicle and so people if want can make it by themselves. This tuning company has also planned to utilize large 22-inch wheels with Mahora M13 5-spoke alloys inserted in high performance rubber, giving a complete look to the car. Besides, the white colored LX570 with finished grey toned wheels gives a more striking look.

Pricing of this Lexus LX570 Black Bison is not yet finalized by Wald International.







By Sunita Mandal