Waldow fine tunes the Renault Clio RS image

The French automaker has been trying to make its RS sports-oriented models a little more usable on a daily basis and as such the latest iteration of the Clio RS is only a five-door, with a turbo engine and an automatic gearbox.

Nobody is going to slap them around for using the more practical body style but everyone panned them for the turbo and dual clutch transmission. We have no issue with the turbo choice but we do contend the EDC does take away some of the well known fun. But then again, even the mighty Porsche 911 is using turbo and automatic gearboxes. And while the French automaker does offer the mightier 220 Trophy the most sensible choice is to have a regular one and then find the good folks over at Waldow. Don’t confuse them with Waldo, another tuning house, with Waldow Performance being an aftermarket specialist linked to a German Autohaus, a dealership that has made a passion from selling Renaults in Germany ever since the 1960s.

The unit here is clad in a Smurf blue hue, has been added black inserts and a chin spoiler on the front bumper, while the mirrors and wheels have been blacked out. At the back there’s an inconspicuous massive wing and a new exhaust system. Inside there’s a pair of bucket seats with a 4-point harness that connects to the roll cage that has also killed the trunk. The optimized engine software and NAP sports exhaust with sound control have made the 1.6-liter turbo deliver 220 horsepower. The added performance is also enhanced by the use of a KW Clubsport suspension , aluminum strut brace for the engine compartment and Brembo brakes.