Warner Bros. to Launch The Batmobile Documentary image

Warner Bros. ahs released a trailer of ‘The Batmobile’, a new documentary in the works.

“There is no Batman without the Batmobile,” quoth director Joel Schumacher.

The documentary will come to Blu-ray and Digital Download this Holiday Season 2012 and will present the interesting history and social relevance of the most famous vehicles in the world. There will also be interviews with the directors of the Batman movies: Chris Nolan, Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton. Christian Bale, Notable Batmen, and Adam West will share their impressions on working with the car.

Of course the documentary will present the Batmobile’s evolution from the 1939 comics and 1992 animated series to the real-life cars manufactured for the movies. Stunt drivers will tell us what it feels like to drive them and their designers will share what it is like to build them.

Adam West, who played Batman in the TV series, described the Batmobile as a “mythic character in itself.”

Visitors coming to the 2012 Comic-Con in San Diego, California were given the opportunity of a 22-minute sneak peek of The Batmobile documentary and also a display of all the Batmobiles from the Batman movies and TV series.