Watchmaker joins supercar fray with Bell & Ross AeroGT concept [video] image

The French watchmaker Bell & Ross has suddenly decided to have a go at the stratospheric world of exotic supercars, presenting the new AeroGT concept car.

The prototype is considered a modern supercar that has its inspiration embedded into the world of aviation – the lines have been penned and developed by Bell & Ross creative director Bruno Belamich. According to the creators, another source of inspiration was the segment of grand tourers of the 1950s. Additonal information has been limited but the company commented the concept has “sharp angles and cutting overhangs (that) are reminiscent of some stealth airplanes.” As far as we can see, the AeroGT has sleek LED headlights, an aircraft-inspired canopy, and rearview cameras that are mounted on wing-inspired structures which could be treated as canards.
Watching the concept closer we also noticed the turbine-style alloy wheels and the bespoke rear end with beefy exhaust tips that are an homage to turbojet engine exhausts. And oddly enough there’s also a rear vertical fin that could serve some purpose other than just looking like an aircraft’s vertical stabilizer.

The model is treated as a design project that will never see the light of day so the company has not advanced any performance data – though Bell & Ross did comment the model has been conceived to “hold its own” against contemporary supercars. Additionally, the AeroGT has inspired two new watches – the BR 03-92 AeroGT and the BR 03-94 AeroGT. Both have a stylish design with exposed internals and a satin-polished steel case, as well as a black calfskin strap.