We have no problems if Audi gave up cars and started building trucks… like these image

Two unaffiliated designers have decided to deliver a futuristic work of art in the form of a very stylish oil truck – anyone up for a very fashionable Mad Max movie?

Although Audi is well known for its performance cars and luxury limousines, they do have their fare share of wild concepts – though this time around the brand with the four rings actually has nothing to do with the prototype we’re seeing here. Two independent designers instead have decided to glorify the brand and the oil transportation industry by presenting their view of an autonomous electric truck – and the result is by no means unimpressive. Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko are the authors of the project, which is called Truck for Audi, and they even went as far as to deliver their view in two distinct concepts.

We have no problems if Audi gave up cars and started building trucks… like these 15

First off they have Plan A, which delivers an electric truck for highways with self-driving systems and a boxy design that also employs numerous smooth surfaces and has an extra-big windscreen. Aside from looking aerodynamically optimized, it also has numerous active aero elements further reducing the air resistance coefficient, for example a retractable spoiler on the trailer. Then they have the even better looking Plan B, which envisions an electric truck show car – for a reason transporting oil – that has semi-off road wheels, with the electric motors attached to them. Even wilder, the batteries are attached with belts(!) at the lowest point of the chassis to compensate for the high cabin. And what do you say about the drivers, placed on the roof and using Formula One elements – from steering to helmets?

Via Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko