We admit, the rumored Apple car is somewhat fascinating – are they really going to replicate the iPhone revolution in the automotive industry?

For the sake of technological and human advancement, we hope they do – and don’t repeat the Apple Watch fiasco… Anyways, while we’re currently in the dark even about the Aple car coming in just a few years, one designer ventured far into the future and thought a concept for the year 2076. Designer Ali Cam from Istanbul, Turkey, is taking a daring path by looking six decades into the future for the possible 2076 Apple Car. The year is not chosen randomly – it would be the Apple centennial and as such it would need great products. Cam appears to project Apple’s minimalist design philosophy to extremes over the next six decades, with sharp edges and very clear-cut surfaces.


Cam’s 2076 Apple Car is actually very simple – from the profile you can see it as a sharp wedge, while the front end seems inspired by the firm’s computer mouse line. The door open in a futuristic way – a concealed part in the smooth top moves upward like a gullwing, and a reverse-hinged piece in the body swings out like on Rolls’ cars. Of course, six decades from now everything will be autonomous so the interior is just a lounge with couches front and back – and a holographic display to function as the infotainment system.

Via Behance


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