We suspect the Insignia or Astra are going to wear the GSi moniker image

Well it’s not hard to make the assumption since Opel’s Vice President of Design, Mark Adams, has posted a teaser image on his Instagram social media account depicting the exact “GSi” letters.

The German automaker hasn’t deployed the moniker for quite a while but it seems it’s coming back for an appearance on a new model – with sporty inclinations and ready for prime time in front of the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show starting this September. The automaker from Rüsselsheim should have at least one model wearing the badge up for view at the fall event – of course, the identity of the car is shrouded in mystery, though Adams hinted it would be one of the brand’s most exciting new models. As far as suppositions go, we should be looking at the second-generation Insignia, because it’s due some new powertrains and also the high performance OPC version.

It may be the case that Opel wants to have something in between the regular versions of the sedan and station wagon, allowing people to have the option of something above average but also not as extreme as the OPC. Another candidate – and a good one – would be the Astra, gaining the GSi badge to fight off rivals such as the Focus ST and Golf GTI, with the OPC again gunning for the bigger fishes in the barrel, such as the Civic Type R and the Focus RS.

Via Mark Adams / Instagram