Dec.7 (GMM/ Time will tell whether formula one actually returns as scheduled to Bahrain early next season, according to Mark Webber.

Amid the Kingdom’s civil crisis this year, the Australian was the most outspoken driver as he called for the season opener to be postponed and then cancelled completely.

F1 is scheduled to return next April, but some reports indicate that Bahrain’s troubles are not yet over.

“It’s obviously a very serious matter that went on, and potentially could be going on,” Red Bull driver Webber told the Daily Mail newspaper.

“Time is a healer, and people move on eventually,” he acknowledged. “Whether it’s enough in this situation? I think we’ll find out a bit more in the next few months.”

Asked if he can imagine the 2011 event going ahead, Webber insisted: “I think you have to take a raincheck on that.

“That’s why Bernie (Ecclestone) has so many races on the calendar knowing that there could be a few – whether it’s a commercial reason, or a political reason in terms of Bahrain’s case – that could make it (the calendar) a little bit vulnerable.”


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