WEBER Sports Modifies 2011 Nissan 350Z with Full Body Kit image

Though a new full body kit made by WEBER Sports for the Nissan 350Z looks quite refreshing, but a slight confusion takes the toll altogether.

The confusion exists on the front bumper that might take all the efforts into negative. The look can easily remind one of Mansory Porsche Panamera, since it’s remarkably similar. However, the company has tried to create something unique, but ended like a common one. However, this cannot change the modification of the car and so people will have to let it pass.

Earlier this year, WEBER Sports introduced the 350Z at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The car features a full body kit that includes side sills, a rear bumper, a rear wing, a new bonnet with air ducts, an under duct center, lots of carbon fiber components to go around, and a front bumper.

When Nissan 350Z wore this full body kit, it just changed the entire look, giving a more striking look to it. However, it is among the most underrated Japanese sports car if we talk about the recent times. Besides the front bumper that could have been even more powerful, the overall treatment offered on this sports car by WEBER Sports is not entirely a waste. This modification has offered an outstanding piece of metal orange fire ball to the 2011 Nissan 350Z.





Written by Sunita Mandal

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    i need to get one of those body kits A.S.A.P!!!!!!