Weekend advice: travel safe with your animal companion image

Many drivers also own pets and they usually don’t take trips without their best friend – but that also means they’re responsible for their security and well being during the ride.

When it comes to the US, the Humane Society of the United States reports that almost two-thirds of Americans have at least one pet and further research from the associations sees more than 50% of dog/cat owners taking them along for the ride. Usually, no sane parent lets his/her children ride unbelted or in their lap, but pet owners are not that thoughtful.

Experts claim the risk re exponential – for the pet and even the driver or others riding in the car – and have clear and useful suggestions on how to travel with your pet – ensuring both safety and well being. The first and foremost advice is to make sure the animal can get through the trip – just like us some of them get really car sick. When it comes to dogs, you can give them a treat or something to chew and keep them busy. When it comes to cats, it’s a good idea to leave them inside the car loose for a few minutes before driving off. It’s also important to keep them restrained and never put them in the driver’s lap – they could get tangled in the steering wheel and cause an accident.