The western European car market, which holds the top selling countries, has seen demand increase 8.8 percent last month, industry figures recently released showed, thanks to booming demand in Germany and across the southern region.

The increased consumer demand in Germany, the continent’s largest auto market, as well as upbeat demand in the southern countries such as Italy and Spain more than made up for a weaker French and British performance. According to published local data and expectations for smaller markets compiled by LMC Automotive show new vehicle registrations in western Europe soared to 1.09 million vehicles in July from the same period last year. Last months’ figures equal a seasonally adjusted selling rate of 13.15 million units this year, LMC added, which is a little off from June’s 13.28 million SAAR. Still, the figure is constantly around one million autos more than it was at the end of last year. “The German market was a particular highlight,” commented Emiliano Lewis, a UK-based analyst with the consulting firm.

Deliveries in Germany grew 7.4 percent last month, show figures released earlier this week and sales jumped 15 percent in Italy and almost 24 percent in Spain. The two markets have been recovering spectacularly from the very low quotas after the financial recession, when their auto markets were on the brink of collapse. Meanwhile, France showed a slowing rise to 2.3 percent last month and a SAAR of 1.83 million cars, according to LMC, compared to 2.07 million units in June. The United Kingdom, the continent’s second largest market, also showed a modest – 3.2 percent rise to a total of 178,420 vehicles in July, with forecasts calling for level growth during the second half of the year.

Via Reuters


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