Western European car sales rise on Spain and Italy revival image

Western European new-car sales rose 13 percent last month, due mainly by an unexpected increase in demand from southern markets.

The European auto market is on a solid path of sales growth and November estimates are backed up the trend. October was the 26th consecutive month of auto sales increase in Europe, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association and seemingly last month is no exception from this positive direction. November registrations rose to 1.03 million cars from 919,160 a year earlier, based on national data compiled by LMC Automotive that includes estimates for some smaller markets. The monthly numbers amounted to a seasonally adjusted selling rate of 13.59 million cars per year, LMC said, up 4.3 percent on October’s 13.03 million.

According to LMC, the positive sales results were due to a solid demand in markets that lately had a very slow pace. But for November vehicles deliveries in Spain and Italy have experienced a surprising increase of 25 percent and 24 percent respectively. The Western European car sales rise was also supported by a strong growth in the rest of Europe’s top five markets. In Germany, Europe’s biggest market, sales rose by 9 percent, in the UK, the second market, deliveries were up 4 percent, while France registered 11 percent gain in car sales in November. LMC predicts that sales in Western Europe will jump by 8 percent to 13.10 million this year and by 3 percent next year to 13.53 million.

Via Automotive News Europe