What would you say to a successor of the Volkswagen Amarok? image

Well, if it will turn out to look like the one in the two images posted below, “I’ll pass” will be the right answer.

The Volkswagen Amarok has recently entered in its fifth year of production and we all can agree that despite this remains one of the most interesting pickup trucks in the segment, offered on the Old Continent, it definitely needs a successor. The two images posted below are showing us how the replacement of the Amarok may look like but keep in mind that these are nothing more than simple renderings, put together by Theophilus Chin, and that the final product may turn out to be quite different.

As a small reminder, Volkswagen has been producing the Amarok since 2010. This is being assembled in Argentina and in Hannover, Germany, and it has been designed by Walter de Silva. The Volkswagen Amarok is a light commercial vehicle which is being offered in two body styles, a 2-door single cab pickup truck and a 4-door double cab pickup truck, carrying a front engine and rear-wheel / four-wheel drive system. The total length of the vehicle is 5,900 mm (Extended Bed) or 5,254 mm, it has a width of 1,944 in the Double Cab and 1,954 mm in the Double Cab Highline and a height of 1,834 mm, with a 3,095 mm long wheelbase. The Amarok is currently offered with a choice of two engines, a FSI turbocharged petrol and a TDI diesel burner, connected to a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic transmission.