The Singapore Grand Prix is currently held by Marina Bay, a bay near Central Area of Singapore. In 2008 around 110,000 tickets were made available for the country’s first Formula One race. With 23 corners and straights shorter than Monaco, it is very hard to overtake on this track without the aid of flag marshals. The 2008 Singapore Grand Prix was the first Formula One race to be held at night.
During the event, 108,423 metres of power cables, 240 steel pylons and around 1,600 light projectors with a total power requirement of 3,180,000 watts are used. With an illumination measurement of around 3000 lux, the lighting is four times brighter than the lights at sports stadiums.

The circuit is designed by KBR, Inc., a modification of the original one first proposed by Hermann Tilke.

Track Info

Circuit Information
FAST FACTS: 2008 FORMULA 1TM SingTel Singapore Grand Prix
Race Date 28 September 2008
Milestones • Asia’s first F1 street race
• First night-race in F1 history*
*subject to approval by FIA
Number of Laps 61 (estimated)
Circuit Length 5.067 km
Race Direction Anti-clockwise
Number of Turns 23 turns
Maximum Speed
  • In excess of 300 km/h along Raffles Boulevard
  • Between 250 and 300 km/h on Pit Straight,St. Andrew’s Road and

Esplanade Drive

Slowest Corners 80-100 km/h at T3, T10, T14, T18, and T19
Overtaking Opportunities
  • Turn 1 Pit Straight,
  • Turn 7 Raffles Boulevard

• Turn 14 Esplanade Drive

Race Time 8pm  (subject to confirmation)
Support Races 3




Singapore : Republic Boulevard
No Address (S)000000
lat 2.311214 long 106.93757 | District : City Hall
Singapore Map


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