Wheelsandmore Audi R8 GT Supersport Edition unveiled image

With a name that makes us think at the Veyron and our mind associates that with at least 1.000 horsepower, the “four-ring” badged R8 GT Supersport Edition was unveiled and and no, it doesn’t have 1.000 HP, not even 900, 800 or 700, “just” 611 “ponies” under its hood.

The most powerful R8 yet is equipped with the same V10 engine which was boosted from 560 to 611 horsepower by playing a little more with the ECU. The supercar also lost some weight, about 100 kilograms, so now you can take your fat friend for a ride and it will feel just like the stock version.

The Germans from Wheelsandmore changed its rims, because as we said before, a limited edition can’t be “limited” to stock alloys, so now the R8 GT SS is sitting on 9.0 x 20 inch rims in the front and 11.0 x 20 inch at the rear, covered in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires, 235/30 and 295/25.

The tuner fitted the R8 GT Supersport with a new suspension with level control system that can raise the vehicle by 40 mm, new finish for the front grille and black exhaust pipes.

The Supersports’s price modified by Wheelsandmore is not known but with a new generation of R8 close to hitting the production line, I wonder who would spend his life savings on it.