Wheelsandmore is in Demand – Modified Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG image

New performance upgrades have been released in the market by the German tuner Wheelsandmore for the new Mercedes CLS series type 218.

Recently, the tuner has also undergone a new program for the Audi R-Stream V10 Spyder and this time, it has rubbed its hands successfully for Mercedes series. Tough the tuner seems have added quite similar features to this car, but something new can be expected. The tuner’s prime focus is on the new three-piece forged wheelmodel 6Sporz², which can even be found on its other program for Spyder. Where the German tuner has added similar wheel feature for two different models, it failed to convince its engineers from Baesweiler.

Basically, the engineers were not satisfied with the Afalterbach’s serial performance of the new twin-turbo engine. The engine offered 525 horsepower, but the tuner increased its power through the upgraded control electronics which offered good results by combining it with a valve controlled exhaust system and sport catalysts. Merging altogether, the car delivers 580 horsepower with additional 801 lb-ft of torque. The speed limitation facilitates measures in this way.

This new CLS AMG Coupe utilizes a blend of conventional suspension at the front and air suspension at the rearaxle. To decrease the center of gravity, Wheelsandmore along with a tuning company, German suspension specialists KW automotive has created a solution. This solution includes a height adjustable sprint kit which will be used for the frontaxle and is merged with adjustable level control electronics for axis number two.




By Sunita Mandal