Do you remember 2001? That year when Paul Walker – God rest his undying soul – became a star and when Vin Diesel showed his muscles and deep voice. 2015 is the year when his latter’s character shows us once and for all that he doesn’t have friends – he only has family.

A cultural phenomenon in its own, the Furious 7 movie could be the decade’s most anticipated car flick, not only because its franchise showed how sequels can become better, but also because of the regretted untimely departure of Walker, in a car crash. After the Furious 7 premiered, it’s record breaking premiere skyrocketed the flick into ninth best-place overall when it comes to openings. It racked $143.6 million state side and a whopping total of $384 million worldwide. While undeniably the movies have a star ensemble cast that kept on adding A-list names (Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham), our main focus today is the other secret ingredient in this explosive recipe – the cars.

We all have our favorites, and most likely any Fast and Furious top will have Brian’s (Paul Walker) Toyota Supra Turbo one of the favorites, the definitive winner will undoubtedly be Dominic Toretto’s all-black 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. But the rest of the lists would have more than one shade of gray – so here are our picks. There’s a host of Japanese cars here, with Acura NSXs and Skyline GT-Rs to choose from, so let’s concentrate on the even shadier side of the “garage”. We have Letty’s (Michelle Rodriguez) Jensen Interceptor from the sixth film. We also have the Mark I Ford Escort RS that had a very close and personal encounter with a… tank. Or we have the car impersonation of the Rock’s Luke Hobbs – he’s a larger than life guy, so the Terradyne Gurkha from Fast Five was a natural, if yet obvious choice. And a special mention could go to the mundane Honda Civic, star in one of the wildest car stunts ever – being driven under a semitruck trailer.



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