Which is your best fit when selecting an alternative fuel? image

Today, drivers have a vast array of options when choosing their vehicle – and we’re now just talking about the fuel that they use to power up the car.

Never mind the size, class, segment, and door count – let’s just focus on the fuel your car will use. And for the argument’s sake let’s forget about gasoline too. Just alternative fuels to narrow down the search. So, you want to be fuel and eco-conscious, save some money or you just think it’s trendy to drive an alternative fueled car.

Doing a little research might make the difference between loosing and saving money on the long run. First off, do your own homework – the neighbor’s car might not be right for you. And just checking up the window stickers for the mpg ratings is not enough anymore. That’s because it’s very important how and where you drive.

Bill Visnic, senior analyst at Edmunds.com says that hybrids are best when it comes to the ugly bumper-to-bumper, city traffic. And if your daily commutes average just 20 miles or below, your best choice could be a plug-in hybrid.

Brian Moody, editor at the autotrader.com website says that diesel could be a great option for people who need to cruise a lot on the highways or for those who want a good mix of great fuel economy and enjoyable driving.

When it comes to electrics – battery operated or the upcoming fuel-cell kind – the best customers would be the ones who have predictable driving timetables and habits – they are seriously limited by the range and charging time.