White and Black the Most Wanted Car Colors image

The 2012 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report shows that the most popular car colors are black and white.

The report, which has a history of over 60 years, is not only the longest-running and largest of its kind, but also the only one to analyze car colors all over the globe and rank their popularity. This year, the top car color is white, for the second consecutive year, followed by black, which managed to surpass silver.

This is “largely due to the increased popularity in the Asia-Pacific market, as [black] has a worldwide perception of high quality and luxury,” the report said. “Silver slipped to third as its popularity has waned due to its overall gradual decline, especially in the critical large automotive markets of Europe and Asia.”

This year white was the top choice in Russia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Europe, North America and Mexico, accounting for 23% of the global market. The report also said that if in the past white was used mostly for trucks, the advancements in pearlescent whites has helped the color “to initially break into the luxury segments.”

Black accounted for 21% of the global share of car colors, being on the first place in among Chinese customers. Silver slipped to the third place, with 18%, but it was the most chosen car color in India, Brazil and South America.

According to the DuPont report, the top global vehicle colors are:

1. White/White Pearl – 23%
2. Black/Black Effect – 21%
3. Silver – 18%
4. Gray – 14%
5. Red – 8%
6. Blue – 6%
7. Brown/Beige – 6%
8. Green – 1%
9. Yellow/Gold – 1%
10. Others – 2%