Three taxi drivers in Beijing each received a letter of thanks from the White House yesterday for their excellent services during U.S. president Barack Obama’s visit to the Chinese capital, China Daily reported.

The three taxi drivers, Wang Decheng, Zhou Yong and Yang Bo, from the taxi service division of Shou Qi Group, were appointed to serve President Obama as well as the White House communications and U.S. secret service staff members in Beijing last week.

The letter of thanks praised the three taxi drivers for offering safe, punctual and comfortable transportation service to the U.S. presidential entourage and other related members.

Zhou said the three of them also served Italian government officials during last year’s Beijing Olympics, but the service for President Obama was much more demanding this time.

He added they had to stay ready to drive at any time on 12-hour shifts, and even had to eat in the car, with limited time for bathroom break, according to reports.

Source: Gasgoo


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