White remains the most popular auto color – according to supplier image

One in four buyers elected a white new car, up 3% from last year, according to data from PPG Industries, the biggest supplier of transportation coatings. This is the third year in a row that white was on top, after silver held the top spot for more than a decade.

Silver and black were tied for second place at 18% each, according to the PPG figures. then came gray, red, natural hues, blue and green, in about the same order as 2012. In North America, white was the most popular hue at 21%, followed by black (19%), gray (17%) and silver (15%).

There is also a growing appetite for red, and blue’s market share has doubled in recent years, especially on sporty models. There are also so many shades of blue that the color should perform even better in 2014, said Jane Harrington, PPG manager of color styling.

PPG has five color labs in North America, Europe, China, Korea and India. The teams are introducing more than 60 new colors for the 2016 and 2017 model years, including pinks, purples and golds as well as some sparkly hues of traditional colors to meet the tastes of Chinese and Korean consumers, Harrington said.

PPG invites automakers to a color show at its Troy headquarters every fall. Next month, the paint supplier will show its latest colors to automakers in California. Early next year PPG will travel to Japan, Korea and China to outline future trends.