White the Most Popular Car Color in the World image

An annual survey made by paint supplier PPG Industries shows that customers continue to choose white cars.

This is the second year when white remains the top choice among customers, unseating silver. The annual automotive color popularity and trend data also shows that the metallic colors are on the rise, including copper, gold, silver and bronze, but also other colors such as black, red and gray. The survey also shows that there are regional differences too. North American customers choose white, followed by black, silver and gray at 16% each and green with 3%.

European customers prefer silver, followed by gold and red with 7% each. Asia Pacific goes for silver and white with equal percentages, 10% of the customers want natural, and 8% choose gray. As color is the first thing a customer notices, it has become increasingly used in everyday items, from cell phones to large appliances.

If you think that the current colors in auto market are not enough, you’d better know that 64 new colors were presented to car maker at the annual Automotive Color Trend Show in Troy to choose from for the 2015-2016 mode-year vehicles. Some of these are Al Fresco, a silver metallic with fresh green tint, Opulence, a red pearl paint, Victoria Gray, the classic gray with iridescent gold metal highlights, or Elixir, a metallic mixture of silver and magenta.