Who pays the most for the car’s gas? image

Even though oil prices have seriously dropped in recent months – and speculations put them on a declining level for the months to come – people around the world still spend a good portion of their paychecks for the car’s gas.

So, let’s find out where is gas the biggest setback for that dreaded and loved at the same time paycheck. The answer turns out to be South Africa – the people living in the continent’s largest economy still need to leave out more than 5% of their monthly paycheck to fill the car’s tank – even though gasoline is not very pricey there – at around $4.65 per gallon. Following up are the people from Cyprus and Mexico, who rank second and third, respectively, with 3.6 and 3.4%.

How about the Americans? They don’t rank high in the top, especially since recent months brought the lowest gasoline price in more than four years. They do need to set aside 2.27% of their annual income – which places them in the 12th position. No wonder that sales of big, hulking trucks and SUVs are on the rise all over again.

What’s more interestingly is the correlation between gas prices and the disposable income in some countries. Take Norway for example where the gas would make you weep if you come from the US – it stands at a whopping $9.26 a gallon, the highest in the world. But filling up their tanks only needs 0.66 % of an annual Norwegian income…

Via Forbes, Statista