Who’s going to steal the spotlights at the Paris Motor Show? image

Marred by all the financial data and business strategy games we’ve been telling you about, you might be expecting just as flurried as we are for the start of the 2014 Mondial de l’Automobile.

I for once already know the “dream” cars that I would bring home from Paris next week, so without further ado I decided to do the selfless gesture of the month: share my picks with you, our readers. Mind you, the Paris Motor Show is huge and by all means some true gems (as in Lamborghini’s mysterious four-door supercar, dubbed the “Asterion”) are still hiding for us to find. But that’s my short list of subjective picks. One last notice, there’s no particular order.

Mazda MX-5: the Japanese automaker reinvented the open top segment, which was in clinical death when the Miata was presented. Now, they’re set to a new revolution and we want to go along for the ride.

Aston Martin Lagonda/Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept: they both are in the same stable, and I don’t really care about the price differences, production status or availability. They’re both beautiful takes on the recently introduced four-door coupe segment. Kudos to Mercedes CLS for making it hip.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT: I’m not particularly fond of the way the Germans “mistreated” the interior, but we have to give them praise. The AMG GT is not a true successor to the SLS AMG, rather a “teenaged son”: it’s slimmer, cheaper and powered by a less-voracious V8. Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s going to be a sales guru.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed/Range Rover Sport SVR: If you’re on the look for British models that have nothing to do with their specific objective, you might choose one of these two. The Bentley is an “ugly” (well, in my humble opinion, at least) but well engineered super-limo, while the Range Sport SVR could break the necks of Porsche owners when the hulking SUV passes them on the racetrack.

Renault Eolab/Mercedes AMG C63 Wagon: another odd pair, at the different end of the spectrum, yet both are just as appealing to me. These are two very different, yet enticing takes on family cars. The Renault brings the French automaker’s advancements when it comes to fuel economy and the new C63 AMG (and the S version) is all about passing time on the limit-free German Autobahn.

I said there won’t be any criteria for selection but I can’t help it – these two are my personal favorites from the bunch. First off, the Honda Civic Type R Concept – I feel it’s Need For Speed Underground all over again and my modified dream car has been brought to life. Yes, yes, yes – we want the Type R back on European roads again. Next up, the pinnacle of Ferrari craftsmanship and prowess. Go away stupid named LaFerrari and hello Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta. The name says it all, but here’s the translation: it’s special and it’s open-top. God, give me health and money to spend the rest of my life on the racetrack with this car.