What’s the driver category most likely to believe insurance myths? image

While driving and motoring activities have long been considered that they naturally belong to men, it actually turns out that women are less likely to trust insurance myths when it comes to cars.

According to a new survey undertaken by Insure.com, a provider of industry data, 29% of interviewed US drivers mistakenly believe that robbers mostly target new cars. Of the percentage that wrongly trusted this myth, only 42% were women, the rest being male respondents. According to the insurance facts provider, actually stealing an older car and then covertly breaking it down and selling its parts is way more profitable.

Insure.com, a company owned by QuinStreet Inc., took last month the online survey on a representative batch of 2,000 licensed drivers. The genders were equally represented and the only myth women trusted more than men was the one that red cars are more expensive to insure than other colors. Actually, men were more gullible about nine of the ten myths included in the survey – which reflected the fact that misconceptions are generally common. The company aims to set the record straight, aiding customers securing better insurance coverage. One of the most believed myths was that small cars are the cheapest segment of cars to insure. No less than 40% of respondents agreed, when actually minivans and SUVs are usually more affordable.

Via Bloomberg