Why Tesla is different than other carmakers ? image

The streak of good news goes on for Tesla. The electric car maker took the number one spot in Forbes’ list of most innovative companies.

How come? The reasons why Tesla is different than other Detroit carmakers can be easily spotted and we have them for you right below.

The American carmaker always changes its assembly line. While most automakers plan model lines that do not change for a number of years, Tesla’s production engineers always change the layout of their factory looking for any signs of novelty or improvement. Tesla was agile from the beginning with the launch of the Roadster model, which tried to create a global supply chain like a typical car company, but that was not the right choice for it. The automotive brand has begun standardizing its production practices by adding capacity for the Model S sedan and the upcoming Model X.

Tesla has small teams working on its cars. Compared to major car companies that use 10 to 12 designers for every car model, Tesla only turned to 3 designers for the work on the Model S. The reason why Tesla can go with small teams is that it has a rather small, specialized lineup and does not need as many employees as bigger automakers do.

It gets updates fast for its cars but also for its consumers. Tesla drivers are connected to the brand permanently through the car’s 4G wireless connection and 17-inch touch screen control panel. Tesla’s clients can send data to the manufacturer in real time and Tesla will fix their problems in just a matter of hours.

Tesla is always looking to get bigger and better results but has a different management style thanks to CEO Elon Musk. He is not fond of holidays and has joked about vacations killing him as he had almost died of Malaria in a trip he took to Brazil and South Africa in 2000. Other companies encourage holidays to great extents, assembly lines shutting down each summer through the years for German automakers or car manufacturers in Detroit. Musk’s choice is encouraged by Forbes as a transition from a one-car company to a multi-car company while creating a massive indoor energy-storage business requires time and dedication in order to succeed.

Keep up the good work, Tesla!

By Gabriela Florea