Wiesmann goes into bankruptcy image

In a sad turn of events, German sports car manufacturer Wiesmann has reportedly filed for bankruptcy, without revealing the motives.

The process was made to a German district court in Münster and it didn’t specify any of the financial details that led Martin and Friedhelm Wiesmann to this point. Unfortunately, even if we always admired as fans the funky coupes and roadsters, the small-scale manufacturer’s collapse isn’t a massive surprise, as its product lineup hasn’t changed a great deal over the years.

Without any further details, maybe the producer is going through a reorganization process, rather than a liquidation – as Wiesmann has been in business since 1993, building according to a report from Motor Talk in Germany only about 200 vehicles per year – the types of great looking retro-futuristic sports cars with engines and transmissions from BMW.

The line-up over the years only consisted of a bunch of models, the most recent being GT MF4 and MF5 and several variants. According to reports, the Wiesmann plans to expand production and export the cars to the U.S. market fell apart due to exchange rates and the high costs of modifying and testing the cars in order to make them road-legal there.