Wife and Kids Still Fight Over Carroll Shelby’s Body image

Almost a month since Carroll Shelby’s death on May 10th, his ex-wife and children still fight over what to do with his remains.

Carroll died on May 10th, in Dallas, after a protracted illness. Carroll and Cleo, his wife, were no longer married, since 2010 when Carroll petitioned for divorce. Still Cleo claims that she still has the right to decide what happens with her ex-husband’s body.

On the other hand, Carroll’s children claim that the automotive icon left a document in which he gives his oldest son control over his remains. Cleo disputes this document is not valid since Carroll lacked the “physical capacity or eyesight” needed to sign off on the paperwork.

Carroll Shelby, the famous tuner and proprietor of the famous marquee bearing his name, died at 89, after several weeks in hospital, suffering from pneumonia. Back in the 1950s Shelby was a successful race car driver, before he created his own racing team using Ford-powered sportscar called the Cobra. Later his name was to become synonymous with the most powerful and fastest Ford Mustang models ever created.