WikiLeaks claims CIA can hack cars to carry undetectable missions image

Here’s one for the conspiracy theoretician in you – the next time you board your latest high-tech laden automobile, think for a second about the fact that CIA might use it for “nearly undetectable assassinations.”

And that ties neatly into the latest Fast 8 (The Fate of the Furious, sorry) trailer you can see here, for no reason at all… Or is there one – WikiLeaks thinks there’s cause to be concerned after recently spilling 8,761 documents that are allegedly coming from a high-security network within the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence. No sifting through them needed, we have the cover story – the documents list vehicles as “potential mission areas” since way back in 2014 and also reportedly studied the idea of hacking them. While this might sound far-fetched, an alarm buzzer might be triggered here, as cyber security experts have been calling for better security on connected cars for years now.

The legitimate reason to get worried is that at the center of the potential hack is BlackBerry’s QNX automotive software, which is used already in more than 60 million vehicles. The documents mention the QNX as the specific “mission area” that could be exploited for the CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch – a division of the agency that now gets exposed for the first time, apparently. Of course, from there to having secret, undercover assassinations… is a long way.

Via Automotive News