The mysterious Faraday Future Inc. has been working on a $1 billion plant in Nevada, supposedly launching its first electric cars in 2018.

The secretive startup has been getting a lot of attention in the auto industry as the company decided to stay quiet in terms of its cars and operation. Faraday’s vice president of global manufacturing, Dag Reckhorn, stated that “We are moving extremely quickly for a project of this size. Our aim is to complete a program that would normally take four years and do it in half the time, while still doing it right.”

This means that the factory would start producing its cars by 2018, only two years from now on, even if it decided to not give full information on the topic.

Stacy Morris, spokeswoman for Faraday, said on Thursday that “We have said we’re taking a four-year program and our goal is to do it in half the time. But we’re not releasing a specific date yet. This is a very complicated project, and so we’re just trying to move as fast as we can while doing it right.”

Faraday Future Inc. is currently supported by the Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting and has around 600 employees working at a former Nissan sales office in the area of Los Angeles, U.S.

The startup is considered to be an important competitor for Tesla Motors Inc. with both of the automakers being centered on the high-end electric automarket. Despite the company’s executives not giving too many details on its first car, a concept vehicle was unveiled back in January.


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