Will.i.am’s car was stolen and recovered image

Will.i.am had his custom car stolen while being at a party a few nights ago and after the famous rapper has panicked, his ride was eventually recovered.

The famous American rapper Will.i.am was furious when he discovered that his one of a kind DeLorean custom car has been stolen while he was attending his album launch party in Los Angeles and after a series of tweets, the vehicle has been eventually recovered and it will be soon returned to him.

“Where is my f***ing car … ??? This isn’t funny anymore”, tweeted Will.i.am when he wanted to leave the party and found that his ride was missing. “I’m going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and is safe”, said the rapper after calming down.

Believe it or not, the one who found his custom DeLorean was the founder and CEO of the famous West Coast Customs, who tweeted:

“@iamwill WE FOUND IT!!!! Thanks to #TECHNOLOGY ….. It’s safe and on its way back to @officialwcc Headquarters!!! #HARDWORKDEDICATION.” In response, Will.i,am said: “@SelfMadeRyan my car has been found…#bestnewsever thank you so much ryan…”