Williams is actually showcasing an electric vehicle prototype, with technology adapted from Formula One cars, not the other way around – in a bid to improve them across the board.

Williams Advanced Engineering is the technology division of the Williams F1 team, and the unit is actively putting an emphasis on the future world of electric cars by using their motorsport experience to make EVs lighter, safer, and more efficient. This bodes well with the subsidiary’s strategy to offer consultancy to the automotive world and beyond regarding the real-world implementation of Formula One technologies. The concept isn’t an actual car, and instead presents itself as a rolling chassis, and comes with innovations for battery pack design, cooling systems, and lightweight structures, all of them directly integrated into a modular platform that can be adapted to different shapes and sizes.

Williams Advanced Engineering Electric Concept takes F1 into the electric age 3

Williams also pointed out their use of a highly automated, near-zero waste process, used for the build of the fiber-reinforced suspension components, bringing a 40 percent weight loss compared to a standard aluminum wishbone setup. “Vehicle efficiency has always been core to Williams. Our thinking around how to create a tightly integrated, lightweight chassis and powertrain package, has the potential to greatly increase the competitiveness of the next generation of electric vehicles. By making EVs more attractive to consumers, we can help accelerate their adoption and the air quality benefits they bring,” commented Paul McNamara, WAE’s technical director.


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