Nov.3 (GMM/ Williams is almost ready to announce Kimi Raikkonen’s return to formula one for 2012, according to media reports.

“(The) Raikkonen (agreement) is almost there,” a source inside the famous British team is quoted by FAZ newspaper.

Italy’s Autosprint reports that the funding is coming from Qatar.

Williams on Wednesday hinted at the deal by revealing that a memorandum of understanding with Mowasalat, a Qatari company, was signed in Doha for the use of the team’s simulator technology.

“The funding for the ‘Iceman’ is coming from the heat of Qatar,” said the Italian magazine.

The Finnish broadcaster MTV3 said the sponsorship of a Qatar bank is the next step.

That will validate a contract that Raikkonen, 32, reportedly signed recently “and the announcement will be made in Abu Dhabi” next weekend.

The Swiss publication Motorsport Aktuell said the 2007 world champion is Williams’ “first choice” to be Pastor Maldonado’s new teammate.

“He (Raikkonen) has been at Grove several times for talks,” the report added.

  • Shackz

    OMG! kimi is gonna destroy everyone in f1. by far the most talented and super fast f1 driver in the last 2 decades!!! well done Williams……you guys are about to hit the front in a major way!

  • Guest

    Given the excitement over Schumacher's return and the near perpetual wait since then for him to start beating everyone around, it is optimistic to hope that Raikkonen will do massively better. However, it is exciting to think that he will be back in F1.

    • Pranav

      It will be a great season ahead with so many world champions competing

  • Vinod

    Guys,Kimi is back and hes gonna do it! Right timings for the Williams Team to bounce back in competing for next years championship.Kimi is the right man,solid funding fom Qatar and new tesm of Engineers is all they need to fight for the Championship.Time for Kimi to show whos the Boss on the track!

    Go Kimi Go Go Go!!
    Three cheers for kimi

  • Mag

    We shall wait for solid confirmation, I am nontheless excited that the Ice Man may be back!

  • shackz

    I think he will be up to speed in short time. People underestimate kimi, but he has the ability to shock them time and again. Once signed up, we will have all world chapions sice 2000 on the grid for 2012! Amazing!!!

  • Lar

    You guys all be watching Kimi, I'll be looking at his wife and girlfriends . . .