The top-selling car of 2014 to date is Toyota Corolla, July being its fifth consecutive month at the top of monthly charts sales. It managed to defeat Mazda 3 with 3800 cars sold compared to Mazda’s 3421 vehicles.

Toyota Corolla sales went down 3.7% last month but remain 4.2% up for the year, while compact Mazda sales decreased 1.2% in June, remaining 10.2% up for 2014. Toyota HiLux (3140), Holden Commodore (2469) and Hyundai i30 (2434) filled the rest of the top 5 positions. The Ford Ranger continued growing, with the Blue Oval selling 2023 cars, with its 4×2 variant doing quite well, being up 47.1%. The 7th place went to the Mazda CX-5 (1895) that remains Australia’s favorite SUV, with sales up 15.7%.

Toyota and Holden have three models in July’s top 10 winners, with Camry selling 1805 cars, followed by the Cruze (1747) and Colorado (1443) at the last spot. The new vehicle market in Australia went down in sales with 0.4% to 89.867 vehicles sold in July, while SUVs did not follow the trend, going up 12.7% at the end of last month and 4.1% for the year. Small SUVs have proven to be popular, with an increase in sales of 34.8% this July.

As usual, Toyota is the leader of the market, though its sales fell 5.4% to 16.486 purchases. Holden sales kept the second spot even if their sales also fell 11.3% to 8990, staying ahead of Hyundai (8351, sales up 4.3%), Mazda (8048, down 5.6%) and Ford (6210, down 7.8%). Nissan turned around its bad year with sales up 7.4% for July to 5451 cars, while Mitsubishi dropped 10.8% to 5042.Sales grew 7.7% for Volkswagen up to 3991, followed by Subaru, which was stable at 3121 and Honda down 1.4%, completing the top 10 of best-selling brand of July 2014 and of 2014 to date.
Who won big this month? The list includes Audi (sales up 15.8%), BMW (up 12.2%), Fiat (up 33.3%), Isuzu (up 59.3%), Porsche (up 68.1%) and Renault with a growth of 37.4%. Some of the sore losers are Citroen (down 37.7%), Great Wall (down 50.4%) and Lexus with a decrease of 24.6% in sales.

By Gabriela Florea


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