Paraphrasing the quote that is already entrenched in popular culture, you should mind that your car needs some “love” before taking on the elements of nature in the upcoming deep freezing months.

With phrases like “polar vortex” already creeping in on the weather news forecasts, we should take the necessary steps to protect our cars – especially if we remember last winter’s snowdrifts, slush and metal deadly road salt.

Around fifty bucks and some elbow grease now can go a long way from sheltering your car from the ravages of nature. First off, specialists forbid the use of ordinary dish soap on your beloved paint job. Then, the second no-no is for drying the car with bath towels as they add a lot of fine scratches. Use instead microfiber cloths or a chamois (that soft leather made from goats and other small animals).

Spending $15 and an hour of your time to apply a bottle of poly sealant to your vehicle’s finish will help you protect the car from UV rays and during winter it would ease rinsing off the salt and road chemicals. Inside, having $25 worth of rubber mats can be the difference between an easy to care for interior and a smelly, greasy, muddy cabin.



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