Winterkorn Says VW Still Plans to Bring Mid-Sized SUV to US Market image

VW CEO Martin Winterkorn said the automaker still wants to sell a mid-sized SUV in the US market.

Winterkorn said that the German automaker has to ‘take initiative’ in what he considers a crucial segment in the US auto market. This might mean that VW is close to approving an SUV cheaper than the Touareg and larger than the Tiguan, which is expected to help the automaker reach its sales target.

In March, VW’s executive board said that the plan for a SUV was in development and that the automaker has the possibility to add an extra assembly line at the Chattanooga plant. It’s been years since dealers have been dreaming about such a SUV, hoping that the automaker will offer them another volume model to sell along with the mass-market sedans such as the Passat and Jetta. VW plans to almost double its sales in the US to 800,000 vehicles by 2018 and this large SUV might be the key to achieving this plan.

In March, Ulrich Hackenberg, VW’s board member for product development, said that the German automaker has already begun to contact dealers and customers and make an idea regarding the SUV’s potential sales.

“Right now, the cost is a little too high,” said Michael Macht, VW’s board member for production, of the business case developed so far. “That’s always how it works.”

Source: Autonews