With Manchester United and Liverpool Chevy wants to win the game in Europe image

General Motors is having deep problems in Europe. Opel, the company that is owned by General Motors is losing money every day and they actually don’t really know what to do to stop this.

But, on the same time, from 2005, General Motors is selling Chevrolet vehicles in Europe – most of them made in South Korea – Aveo, Captiva, Cruze …

So now, what GM really wants to do (is actually doing but not very well at this moment) is to sell Korean-built vehicles in Europe, but in a more “accelerated” way – by putting these vehicles on a better light for the customers.
Yes, they want to create stronger brand because until now – at least in Europe, Chevy is not a very strong brand. They sold cheap, entry level vehicles – and in addition, in Europe is Audi, is BMW and Mercedes.

So how do you do that? Well considering that in Europe, soccer is the supreme game – it makes good sense for Chevrolet to be associated with two of the best soccer clubs – Manchester United and Liverpool.

In June Chevrolet signed a four-year deal with Liverpool to become the football club’s car sponsor. The LFC partnership runs to the end of the 2015/16 Barclays Premier League and European campaigns.
Liverpool, which last won the league championship in 1990, finished eighth in the 20-team Premier League last season though won the Carling Cup and reached the F.A. Cup final.

On the same time, Chevrolet has also signed a deal with Manchester United. Manchester United was recently called the most valuable club in sport, worth $2.23bn (£1.43bn), according to Forbes magazine.

But the deal was overpriced – and the man behind this – GM’s marketing director was fired shortly after. But the company said it will continue its soccer sponsorships despite the departure of former marketing boss.