Woman confuses acceleration for brake, gets on top of a Porsche 911 image

A woman driver has confused the acceleration pedal for the braking one and managed to land her SUV on top of a Porsche 911.

We can talk about women drivers endlessly with enough examples on both sides but that won’t solve anything and every once in a while we get to have a good laugh when something like this happens. According to the guys from the driver behind the wheel of this Volkswagen Touareg was woman. Our source is stating that she was trying to be extra careful not to hit the Porsche 911 but then she did this.

The woman driver has mistaken the only two pedals inside her black German SUV and instead of pushing the brake she hit the gas instead. The result was the VW Touareg launching forward quickly and it ended up on top of this Porsche 911, which was probably left in this underground parking to avoid minor damages on the street. The driver of the SUV has met karma at its finest, Murphy ’s Law, faith or whatever you want to call it and will definitely be more careful next time. Happily no one was injured in this incident which took place in Beijing, China.