Woman finds weird parking space for her new Range Rover in London image

A female driver of this new Range Rover generation has managed to crash her brand new ride through railings and down a 14-foot drop, between a wall and a basement in London.

Was your mind filled with the concept that women can’t drive? Well, if the answer is yes, than this news will probably be shared to all your friends with the “I told you so” comment, especially as this is involving the new Range Rover, which costs 80,000 GBP. The luxurious 4×4, which has done less than 500 miles on the odometer, has left the road and became wedged on its side between a wall and the basement.

The 2014 Range Rover ended up in its new “parking space” after it has left the road and smashed through metal railings on the junction of Fitzroy Square and Fitzroy Street. It eventually ended up stuck on the bottom of a 14-foot drop. The crash happened last Sunday, at 5 A.M., and the luxury SUV was salvaged a few hours later. Weirdly, the woman driver and her three female passengers escaped uninjured from the central London crash. Ladies, think twice before buying a 5-liter V8 supercharged luxury SUV with 510 HP under its hood.