The 45-year-old Deborah McKnight was on her way home from visiting relatives on Christmas Day when her car rolled down an embankment and ended up on its roof near the town of Tumut – Australia.

Trapped upside down in her car at the bottom of an embankment on the Tumut-Adelong road, apparently with nothing to eat or drink for three days, she was found on Wednesday evening by Caleb Wilks, 17, who was on his way to a neighbour’s house.

After spotting the wreck, he climbed down an eight-meter embankment through blackberry bushes, reassured Ms McKnight that help was on its way and dialed 000.

‘She was so desperate’
McKnight was flown to Canberra Hospital where surgeons amputated her leg. She was listed in stable condition.

“She was so desperate she was actually going to cut off her leg herself but she couldn’t find anything sharp enough,” Hammond said.

‘Considering what had happened and the length of time she’d been there, she was in a remarkably good condition.

Paramedics said the weight of the car had acted as a tourniquet to stop the woman bleeding from her leg.

Police said that if the weather had been more typically hot for the time of year, she may not have survived.


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