Woman Falls With Her Car in a Giant Sinkhole in Ohio image

What would you do if a 30-feet wide sinkhole will suddenly open in front of you on the road?

This is what happened to a woman who was driving in Toledo, Ohio. A 30-feet wide sinkhole opened up in front of her on the road swallowing her car. Imagine that happening to you! She was trapped in her car for a short while, until authorities came at the place and lowered down a ladder bringing her to the surface.

Although Pamela Know saw the hole opening in front of her she was unable to avoid it. The whole was wider than 30 feet and at least 10 feet deep. According to a Toledo police official said that the hole might have been caused by water main which broke beneath the road. Fortunately Ms Know was not injured, but she was taken to the hospital just in case.

“I was calling on the name of Jesus and all I could do was say, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,’ and I kept saying it over and over and over again,” said Pamela Knox, whose car fell into a massive sinkhole Wednesday afternoon in central Toledo. “I know that’s what kept me safe, was just calling on the power of the Lord.”

Source: telegraph.co.uk