Women’s World Car of the Year is Jaguar XF image

The first-ever Women’s World Car of the Year competition ended yesterday. Eight female motoring journalists from seven countries voted for their favourite cars. The winner is the 2010 Jaguar XF !
Over the past year, eight female motoring journalists from Britain, the USA, Canada, South Africa, India, Australia and New Zealand put 21 selected cars to the test. The group and the award were created to educate the world’s car makers about female customers’ requirements.

“We searched a long time to put together a team of female motoring correspondents qualified to vote for the winners. This was no easy task since there aren’t that many female motoring journalists,” says Sandy Myhre, jury chairperson from New Zealand.

All the winners in the four categories were recently presented in London. The Volvo XC60 won the “Family Car of the Year” category. The overall winner of the competition was the Jaguar XF.

  • Sandy Myhre

    The Women's World Car of the Year supreme winner is, actually, the Jaguar XF. The Volvo XC60 won the Women's Family Car of the Year category, the Audi TTS won the Women's World Sports Car of the Year and the VW Golf diesel won the Women's World Economy Car of the Year.

    Sandy Myhre, Chief Judge.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/inautonews inautonews

    Thank you Sandy Myhre . It was a misunderstanding !

  • http://www.premierplates.co.uk/ Premier Plates

    I agree with this outcome! The jaguar is a classy car with a quality that is not easily matched. It is masculine, yet very feminine. A very deserving winner indeed.

  • http://www.northumbrianumbers.com Number Plates

    The XF is probably the best looking Jaguar to be designed in the last decade, absolutely stunning!

  • http://www.ecuremapping.co Paul Archer

    The Jaguar may very well be the best of the cars reviewed by the women journalists, but it still doesn't make it anymore affordable to most drivers out there. Not that there isn't something to be said about the fen quality of a Jaguar, it's only that I would assume such an 'all-around' accolade would necessarily take affordability into account.