Thanks to Tonke, an RV specialist from The Netherlands, you can satisfy your passion for elegant wood even when camping, thanks to their Classic Woodline conversion series.

You can go camping in style with this polished campers, and there’s of course just about the same treatment for the interior – with timber on the walls, floors and cabinetry, with yacht-evocative feelings and all. The model depicted here is based on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter but Tonke can also hook clients to a less elegant Fiat Ducato – the Ram ProMaster for the US audience. The company is also catering to green credentials – offering support for off the grid camping in any condition.

Woody is the right word for this Mercedes Sprinter Camper 5

A 2.6-kilowatt-hours on-board battery pack will provide power and a standard 0.4-kW or optional 0.6-kW solar panel is making sure you don’t run out easily. There’s even a roof-mounted air conditioner, as well as 68-gallon (260-liter) water tank on board. You can even leave the camper on site – an optional hydraulic unloading system will take care of that in just 10 minutes – and they’re going to use the Classic Woodline on the 170-inch- (4,318-millimeter) wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter chassis cab with assembly done by hand in The Netherlands – and then it can send it anywhere, even in the United States.


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