Word record: Koenigsegg claims six world records image

Swedish super-car marque Koenigsegg, the maker of the CCX and new Agera, has announced that it has broken no less than six world land speed records for a production car over the weekend.

The records were broken with Koenigsegg’s latest beauty, the 1,115 horsepower Agera R, and were staged at the automaker’s proving ground in Ängelholm, Sweden.

“We are proud to announce that this record breaking car is heading to our partners in Singapore. It will be showcased at the Singapore Grand Prix FIA Formula One World Championship. This is the first Koenigsegg Agera R in Singapore. Don´t miss the opportunity to check this world champion out,” a company statement reads.

Koenigsegg says that the results are now on their way to the folks over at Guinness Book of Records and that it will soon offer us a video of the feat.

The new times set by the Agera R are:
0-300km/h = 14.53sec
0-200mph = 17.68sec
300-0km/h = 6.66sec
200-0mph = 7.28sec
0-300-0km/h = 21.19sec
0-200-0mp/h = 24.96sec