World’s most expensive Bentley was sold at Goodwood image

The most expensive Bentley ever has been recently sold during the Goodwood Festival of Speed over the weekend for an impressive 4.5 million GBP.

The auction held by Bonhams at Goodwood has marked a new record for the most expensive Bentley car ever sold in the world, but this isn’t just any regular Bentley and we’re talking about a Blower 4 ½ Liter fully restored to its original condition and previously owned by Sir Tim Birkin, who managed to set a speed record on the Brooklands track back in 1932.

The previous owner of the Bentley blower 4 ½ Liter has been named “the biggest British of all times) by W.O. Bentley and Birkin is also responsible for creating the supercharged models of Bentley, named the Blowerr Bentley. The model sold at the Bonhams auction is one of the 55 especially made for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The Blower Bentley in question is equipped with a 4.398 cc supercharged engine with inline four cylinders and two double carburetors, producing 110 HP in touring version and 130 HP in the track aimed version. The engine was limited to 4,000 rpm and it was mated to a four-speed unsync manual transmission, being stopped by drums on all four wheels.